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From The University of Minnesota Press
The Way of Kinship
An Anthology of Native Siberian Literature
Edited by Alexander Vaschenko, Claude Clayton Smith
280 pages / 5.5 x 8.25 / November 2010
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Prose, poetry, and drama from Siberia--the first anthology of its kind in English

"Around the globe traditional cultures are being destroyed by greedy commercial interests and insensitive government policies. In The Way of Kinship a variety of ethnic Siberian writers reveal the consequences of such policies on their way of life. This book is a call to action! We cannot allow the final destruction of the Siberian cultures, or of the world's remaining traditional cultures. I am extremely grateful these writers have told their stories, and thankful the editors have presented this most important anthology."
— Rudolfo Anaya

"That these treasures are available to us as writing is a miracle. . . . The writings here, while altogether modern in one sense, are based on a literature, albeit oral, that has existed for thousands of years. They are the reflections of people who have lived long on the earth, on their own terms, in harmony with the powers of nature. They are invaluable to us who have so much to learn from them. These stories, poems, songs give us a way, a sacred way, into a world that we ought to know for its own sake. It is our own world, after all." --N. Scott Momaday, from the Foreword

The first anthology of Native Siberian literature in English, The Way of Kinship represents writers from regions extending from the Ob River in the west to the Chukotka peninsula, the easternmost point of the Siberian Russian Arctic. Drawn from seven distinct ethnic groups, this diverse body of work--prose fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction--chronicles ancient Siberian cultures and traditions threatened with extinction in the contemporary world.

Translated and edited by Alexander Vaschenko and Claude Clayton Smith, leading scholars in Native Siberian literature, The Way of Kinship is an essential collection that will introduce readers to new writers and new worlds.

About Alexander Vaschenko

Alexander Vaschenko is chair of the Program in Comparative Studies in Literature at Moscow State University.

About Claude Clayton Smith

Claude Clayton Smith is professor emeritus of English at Ohio Northern University.

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